New fan from New York!

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New fan from New York!

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Hello, I love your teams uniform. I'm from New York City and looking for a new MLS team to cheer for. Can I be a fan of your team? I hate the Yankees baseball team, so I can't cheer for NYCFC (Yankees own part of the team along with Manchester United). The Red Bulls are named after an energy drink which is ridiculous, so they're out. Then I saw your team's emblem and uniform kit and I adore it! I'd like to become an Impact fan! Do you welcome new fans from America? Also, where do you all rank your teams jersey kit? I love the black stripes and the beautiful shade of blue! Would love to become an Impact fan. Would I be welcome here? :)

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Re: New fan from New York!

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After the game is before the game [d'un gars qui avait perdu].
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Re: New fan from New York!

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You are welcome! Do you plan to visit Montréal and attend a game at stade Saputo ?

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