The Man of the season

Standings after 5 matches

  1. Diop29515.8
  2. Urruti22.6415.65
  3. Quioto27.7515.54
  4. Brault-Guillard27.2515.44
  5. Binks21.3405.33
  6. Waterman26505.2
  7. Fanni25.8505.16
  8. Piette25.4505.08
  9. Corrales25.3505.06
10. Taïder20.1405.03
11. Okwonkwo16.6315.53
12. Raitala10.8205.4
13. Sejdic10.6205.3
14. Krkic15.2305.07
15. Shome5105
16. Tabla4.6104.6
17. Wanyama4.5104.5
18. Jackson-Hamel8.3204.15


Since the 2003 season, Montreal Impact fans vote for the Man of the season award to the best performing player of the year. You are invited to decide who will win the trophy, praised by the players, and succeed, among others, Ignacio Piatti, Laurent Ciman, Marco Di Vaio, Patrice Bernier, Leonardo Di Lorenzo and Martin Nash !

How ? Well, it's very easy ! After each game, come on the discussion board and post a message with the names of the three best players of the match in your opinion. But wait, if you thought that a player (or more) didn’t show up and played a very bad game, you can mention him/them and they will lose points. You can also give honorable mentions if you believe that more than three players deserved a bonus.

Every official match counts. The only conditions to vote : you have to see the game, either at the stadium or on TV, and being registered on our discussion board.

Votes are open until the day of the next match. If there isn't enough time between both games, the vote will last seven days.

The point system. For each game, any player who plays at least 20 minutes (30 minutes when extra-time) get points. An appreciation mark is given to the game by the editorial staff at and the players you vote for (or against) receive (or lose) bonus points. For each game, the player with the highest total is elected man of the match.

The overall standing is based on an average. Example: Taïder played 25 games and has 150 points (his average is 6); Piette played 30 games and has 150 points (his average is 5) => Taïder will be ahead of Piette. The man of the season will be the player at the top of the standings at the end of the season. But only the players who received votes for at least 2/3 of the games can win the award.

In case of dead-heat, the winner will be the player who finished more often as man of the match. If the equality persists, the total number of points will decide the winner. Then, average points in Champions League and Canadian cup games will be used to elect the Man of the season.

May the best man win !


2019 Orji Okwonkwo141.12845.04
2018 Ignacio Piatti174.83365.3
2017 Ignacio Piatti162.13185.23
2016 Ignacio Piatti209.538105.51
2015 Laurent Ciman228.140125.7
2014 Andres Romero171.23465.04
2013 Marco Di Vaio211.94075.30
2012 Patrice Bernier149.72735.54
2011 Hassoun Camara114.52245.20
2010 Leonardo Di Lorenzo190.134125.59
2009 Roberto Brown160.43155.17
2008 Matt Jordan151.82995.23
2007 Leonardo Di Lorenzo157.23075.24
2006 Leonardo Di Lorenzo77.11345.93
2005 Antonio Ribeiro63.41235.28
2004 Sandro Grande104.11845.78
2003 Martin Nash95.21855.29

Detailed standigs of former seasons


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MLS table

  1. Minnesota26
  2. Kansas City26
  3. Colorado26
  4. Atlanta26
  5. Los Angeles FC24
  6. New York24
  8. Dallas24
  9. Seattle24
10. Toronto24
11. Columbus24
12. DC United23
13. Portland23
14. Vancouver23
15. Salt Lake22
16. San Jose21
17. Philadelphia21
18. Chicago21
19. New England21
20. Orlando21
21. LA Galaxy21
22. Houston21
23. incinnati20
24. Miami20
25. Nashville20
26. New York City20
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